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About Find My Tri

Find My Tri® is now a company of Triathlon Inspires® which was founded in 2013 under the principles of promoting stories of incredible and amazing triathletes around the world. Our organization has grown as we would have never imagined, having followers from everywhere and in almost all languages. Need inspiration? Visit our website at www.triathloninspires.com.

In 2018, Triathlon Inspires Store® opened its doors for the public through a sophisticated and secure e-commerce website. Regardless if you are a triathlete or not, our apparel collection will adapt to your daily needs. We are sure that our logo will always remind you of the inspiration that lies within you!

Now, Triathlon Inspires® acquired a prestigious company named Find My Tri® expanding our services for every triathlete that needs to find triathlons, duathlons, coaches, tri-clubs and much more. Our commitment is to offer the most complete and attractive website worldwide by providing a unique service as well.

Thank you for following us! Make sure we will keep expanding our horizons by providing more services and products for you.

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